Why did he stop answering?

We met last year, (his a year younger than me but is really mature for his age. He enlisted/is in the Marines now, so I followed him on Instagram/Snapchat because I ALWAYS thought he was so beyond attractive, both times we talked/met I got so nervous and lost words lol. So I gave him my number and we talked and snapchatted and out of nowhere he stopped replying and kept liking his exes pictures that CHEATED on him since his been away and he comes home in two weeks and we orignally made plans to get lunch and now this lol..


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  • It could be nothing, I've heard it can be hard to communicate with people on the outside as much as the person enlisted would like. You can always reach out and ask if you two are still on for the date, but honestly go with your gut. Sometimes that's a sign.

    • I mean, I don't know what my gut is. His friends with my best friends brother who is the same age as him. So like he tends to be over, so like I don't know how I would face him.

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    • Lol there's an app for that ;)

    • He keeps being the first one to see my stories. Like can I help you

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