Is this an okay way to ask a guy out? Am I comming off too strong?

"You do interest me, would you be interested in gettibg to know eacother better and maybe meet up for a beer or a coffee sometime?".

Is this to much? Is it okay? Any other suggestions?

by the way we have only talked on a dating app, but I find things to get boring easly if we wait too long


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  • It's, but I'd suggest you just go with "I'd like to get to know you better, how'd you like to get some coffee on (and name a specific day and time)?

    You can omit the whole "I'd like to get to know you better" as asking him out implies it and it keeps it more casual so there's less pressure.


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  • No, that sounds fine. But I think it would sound better if you removed the first part like: "Would you be interested in getting to know each other better and maybe meet up for a beer or coffee sometime?".


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  • If he's still talking to you on a dating app, he won't say no. He probably wouldn't say no if you said "I want you to take me out and pay for my drinks" either lol.

    • Maybe. . Our convo seems to have reached a stand still. Is there any point at this point?

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    • by the way would it be cheesy to ask him if guys like direct girls abd if he says yes say something like "so you would like it if I asked you if you want to grab a coffee someday"?

    • You don't need to ask him if he like direct girls because guys love girls who don't play games. Just ask him if he would like to go out sometime and if he says yes then you get into specifics. Good luck.

  • Start by telling him that your not going to be getting online very often and giving him your number to get ahold of you. This is pretty believable and I've used it on girls a few times. From there just do what comes natural as you've made the move by simply giving him your number. He shouldn't be caught off guard that you want go on a date.


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