Am I being too rude to my ex?

We broke up 2 months ago because I moved too far away from him. We broke up in very good terms and honestly I still love him of course but I feel hurt because since I moved he has only contacted me like 3 times.

I know we broke up but he pretends like we were nothing, yesterday he texted me and I just replied with a simple "don't talk to me again" I just did it because I am hurt and I miss him so much.


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  • No, you're allowed to create distance in order to move on from him. In my opinion it's the honest thing to do. It's also healthy to just be upfront about what you want. And in this case you realized that it will be slightly easier for you to move on if he doesn't keep in touch... for now, at least.


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  • Perhaps with LDR that He found that That may have been Too much for him, he is Now... Hurt and he misses you so much himself.
    I see that although you both May be these Miles Apart, there is Still... Beating Heart.
    Contact him and perhaps now be Civil and remember this Slogan: "You can catch more bees to honey here, dear, than with Vinegar."
    I believe You yourself just May have taught this little Stinger That one.
    Good luck. xx


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