Girls, I NEED SOME HELP with my problems what do I do?

This weekend I went to a retreat and on Friday while waiting in line for registration I looked to my left and saw a girl who was smiling at me and her friends were around her. I just thought wow she is amazing and when we got there I saw her again and I just couldn't get my mind off of her. Saturday rolls around and we catch each other staring at each other but still I don't go talk to her and she goes to my church I think but now I might not see her again and I'm just regretting I didn't talk to her. As one of my favorite songs says "I tried to ask you out about a thousand times in my head you just always say no" the only way I could find out who she is is to look on the churches ig. And maybe she follows them. Its either that or if god permits me another chance I will bump into her.
someone please help


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  • Next time she's around if you hopefully do see her, talk to her ask for her name number etc... maybe she felt the same way but was shy.

  • i would hope for the best. i don't understand really what your asking


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