Is this my sign to just stop trying with her?

I like her a lot, and have done anything and everything I can for her. Recently she started getting really flirty with me (touchy, teasing, joking, staring at me, etc). I thought, hey, maybe she likes me, maybe these are signs! She's a really shy girl too, so I thought why not! I asked her to see a movie, which took a lot of balls as I was trying to leave the Friend zone, I got an I don't know. I then texted her later, and got another I don't know saying she was out and busy. Well, I tried right, I had the balls at least...

Then, she started talking a LOT about prom, saying she needed a date, saying how cute these promposals are, and only coming to me to talk about them. I thought, hey, one more shot right, maybe at least get an idea! I asked her who she was going with, and she said nobody atm. So I said, do I have to break out the Promposals on you? I asked this via text, since I wasn't going to actually ask her to prom over text, just getting an idea where she stood. Got no response but read, then joked and said didn't here a no, and asked another question and she seemed hesitant to answer. Now, I'm taking it as she only sees me as a friend and I failed twice right? I mean, she didn't even acknowledge the fact I wanted to give her a promposal. Ideas, thoughts?


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  • Hmm. See, I'm a shy girl as well and I reply "I don't know" or "maybe" as a yes. If I didn't want to go with a guy, I would kindly tell him no. I think that even though she's given you mixed signals, you still have a chance. Girls that bring up prom or dances in front of a guy and saying she needs a date are giving hints. The only question is... are you the only person she has said this to? Ask her friends maybe?

    • Well, I know she said she wanted to take this one guy to prom, but only because he knows their group of friends and is going to the after party. When I asked about Prom though like I said, joking that I was gonna ask her out, she didn't even seem to acknowledge the fact that I did. So, with that, any other info?

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    • Yea I guess. I was making the joke purely to see if I got a reaction, to test the waters if you get what I mean. Seeing as she is shy, I probably shouldn't have expected much. I guess whats throwing me off the most, is being blown off with the I don't know for the movie. Which is really making me question everything. Then again, she flirts with me all the time, and has texted me the whole day about Prom. So its really mixed, really confusing, and I guess going in person is probably the best idea.

    • Go in with confidence. Being a shy girl, "I don't know" means yes, but I'm too shy to admit yes. And if she has talked all day about prom and been flirty, you need to make that move. Girls like confidence. Go for it.

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  • She's a jerk.. don't let her do that to you. you can find someone that suites you better!!! But be careful and don't show her that you like her anymore. She's not worth it.


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