Do guys ever really like a girl from a far or does it take time? Read below for more details?

Is it possible for a guy to really like a girl from a far for her looks and how she interacts with others? I ask this because I see all these questions where girls notice little things that guys do towards them, and they question whether that means they like them. Is it possible for a guy to just see a girl and KNOW he wants to get to know her? Like on a superficial level almost? Because when I was in high school I really liked this guy and based on all the "signals" he gave off, I thought he liked me. At the end of the day, he found out I liked him but never admitted to liking me. He said I was good looking but wanted to get to know me. So I'm just curious, is it really possible for a guy to seriously like a girl from afar based on her looks, outward personality, and how she treats others? Is it possible to admire a girl from afar for those qualities and know you want to be with her? Or does it really take time and being friends first? Help lol how does this work?


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  • I'm nearsighted so it's not possible without my glasses on.

    One time I was in a mall without my glasses on. From afar I saw this girl but once I got closer I discovered it was a cardboard cut-out XD
    and I was wondering why she stood so still


      That made my day. XD

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  • Yes, it's quite possible to be attracted to someone from a far.


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