I haven't heard from this guy in 2 days after facetiming?

We recently facetime about meeting up with eachother. This is an online guy. Different states. We were both excited. We were looking up hotels for me to stay in, joking, laughing. Planning out places we will go eat. He says he was going to take me on a big tour around the city. All smiles. It's been 2 days and he hasn't texted me. I saw he was on instagram liking pictures. My heart hurts because I felt like I finally met someone who understands me and connects with me. I deleted his number and everything. Why did he lose interest so fast? I checked his instagram followers, im the only girl that is on there that doesn't live in his city. The rest are girls/ guys that live by him, yet they are all connected and mutual. Also, half the girls have boyfriends, but not all. Recently a really pretty one followed him back. So i'm assuming he's talking to her now. I'm so confused and hurt by this.


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  • I understand, have you checked up on him, send him a message or call.

    • I felt like I should, but then I just have a feeling there's someone else. Don't want to waste time. I deleted his phone number from my phone. So I no longer have contact with him other than instagram now.

    • Hmmmm strange, you should have not deleted his number. You were so hooked on the guy, that is the problem. In friendship and relationships learn to live above what people say and do, so you won't hurt yourself. If you live above these things, they will become normal and you move on easily and smile about it.

  • Did you text him?

    • No, I deleted his phone number because I feel like he's not interested since he went 2 days without contacting me.

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    • Well I initiated that we facetime, so I was just waiting on him to initiate a text.
      I'm always bubbly when talking to him and always texting back so I feel like he should know im interested. I put in effort for this long, why not now. I understand your point though.

    • Maybe since you facetimed, he wanted to some space, to not seem too clingy.
      Two days isn't that much, you jumped too fast into conclusions, you should have waited longer..

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  • The same thing happened to me, I met him and 2 days later he stopped answering my texts. He won't tell me whats wrong or if i did anything so im moving on and deleting his number. Don't waste your time on someone who doesn't put in any effort


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