So I met this guy. And the same day we met he later texted me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I kindly rejected the offer but he asked again an hour later and I said yes because I decided give us a chance. But that same day we kept talking and he immediately said he loved me the day we met. The next day he said hed never dump me or leave me so that me and him would be together forever and he started planning things with me. Keep in mind im under 18 and we have a five year age difference but he's over 18. He said age doesn't matter because its just a number and if you truly love someone thats all that matters. He also said I was the girl of his dreams. I dont know if I really like him though. But is this normal?

oops i meant four years age difference
Im 16 he just turned 19 like a few days ago


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  • No. It is nowhere near normal. And age doesn't matter after the age of 18. He sounds like a pedophile.

    • If you're 16 and he's 19, that might change things a little. It depends on your state laws. Nevertheless, whether he's a pedophile or not, it's not normal for a guy to get that serious so soon.

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