So guys & girls, how can I find love?

I am sooo tired of being single!! It's going on three years & it's getting very lonely! It seems like everyone I see is married or engaged or dating or in a relationship! It's like who is single? My bestfriend actually has a boyfriend now who treats her like a QUEEN!!! He asked me about what kind of ring he should get her & he implied that he's gonna propose soon!!! I am so happy for her & she's not even engaged yet lol!! So it's starting to get really lonely now bc she's very into her relationship & everyone else seems to be in a relationship except me lol! So I just got a new job at a hospital that is for women & infants! The staff is 92% FEMALE! Lol so I mean how can I even meet a guy at a hospital with 92% female staff? Lol ! I don't really go anywhere! When I start working, it'll probably be work gym & home. How can I meet someone? I'm so bored of being single! I'm so over it :/ I also don't do online dating so that's not an option.


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  • Firstly you shouldn't feel bad and you shouldn't compare yourself with others. It's not wrong to be single, there is nothing bad to feel about and secondly I can understand your need for a relationship, but please remember don't be desperate about it, because desperation is an unattractive quality.

    • Awww thanks! It just seems like EVERYONE is in a relationship except me ya know?

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