All guys I've dated have told me they want to marry me someday?

Um is this normal? I've dated three guys and all of them have told me they love me and want to marry me before the first week we have even dated? Girls does this happen to you? Or do I just date creeps lol? And guys what do you think? Normal, not normal?


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  • Run.

    Only bad things can come of it.


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  • LOL they probs just want that pussy and will tell u anything to get it

    • No but i knew they were genuine because I'm a virgin and I told them I didn't want to have sex for a long long time. And they said okay. And they knew I wouldn't change my mind but acted the same.

    • That's still not normal, be skeptical

  • Were they just trying to get in your pants.

    • no. Because I told them I was virgin and i wasn't going to give up my virginity for a long time and they didn't care,

    • Ya there's your answer.

    • Offering marriage gets ya in virgins pants.

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