What does he really mean?

I met a guy online and we talked for 2 weeks before we met. He was nice and introduced me to his friends, held my hand and made sure I was comfortable. He asked me to be his "girl" and I said yes. 2 days later he takes super long to text me back and stops answering after awhile. todays I text him saying

Can you let me know if you want me to leave you alone?

He texts back fast saying "Yes"

I text back "What did I do though?" he hasn't answered and im pretty sure he won't.

Why do guys act like this?
Is he saying he wants me to leave him alone or that he will let me know if he wants me to leave him alone?

He made me believe he wanted a relationship with me and now he's not showing any effort or respect. At this point im done I just want to know what he means.


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  • That's definitely strange, but I have heard of these kind of situations and it mostly happens when the guy makes a move too fast when he himself is not sure as to what he wants as far as having a relationship is concerned.

    In this case I guess he is beginning to regret his mistake of asking you too fast. I don't know I am just saying.

    However what he is doing is not right, that is leading a woman on and then no taking any effort or respect.

  • You need to make a little adjustment to your attitude, it'll really help take a lot of stress out of your life. People do shit things sometimes, crushes, partners, friends, colleagues, strangers, they all pull some shit... why doesn't matter, if they've done it- fuck 'em.


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  • I don't think you should continue wasting your time with him. He sounds like an asshole.

    • I'm not entertaining him anymore :)