Am I just setting myself up to get my heart broken again?

I am a sophomore in high school, and it sounds crazy but I am in love this guy. I have known him since eighth grade and he's been my best friend since then. we dated our whole freshman year and everything was perfect until my mom intercepted some explicit text messages. After that things started to fall apart because my mom wouldn't let me hang at his house anymore. This was right before the summer and it left me more broken that I have ever been. We were sorta friends over the summer but he hung out with these girls ( when we were dating he told me they were annoying) so it felt like he lied because they were all best friends now. I was still nice to him, and then one day my aunt got really sick and almost died and when I needed him the most he was there for me, so we hung out and hook up and everything felt like it always had been. ever since then we have reconciled and things have gotten better we talk on a regular basis. but in November he mentioned us dating again and saying that he really loved me and stuff. and I believe he does but now were in march and have made no progress. I don't know what I am supposed to do if I am just supposed to wait around for him. I am finding it harder and harder though. help


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  • Why don't you ask him? Its not just the man's job to ask the woman. That's getting a little old and men are sometimes very flaky [Not all men mind you]. I asked my boyfriend out and we are nearly a year strong. He said the deciding factor was that I took charge and showed him that I did really like him and want a relationship. Maybe your man doesn't realize that you love him and do want to be in a relationship, he might be afraid you have moved on or will just reject him. Ask him your self and show him that this is what you really want. The problem I see are those girls. He doesn't seem fickle about who he hangs out with if he flip flops like that. Tell him it bothers you if it actually does and if he continues to hang out with them.

    Do what you feel is right for you and take charge of your life. Don't wait for others to make the move for you.

    Good Luck!