What should I ask him out again?

I met a pretty cool guy at a bar. He asked for my number and wrote me the very same night that he hopes to see me again soon. I replied "yes, sure!" but he didn't text back. So I asked him out about a week later and we went on a date. The date went great. We talked a lot, had lots of fun, laughed and kissed goodbye... he honestly seemed interested! He's already texted me and we've talked a little, but he's a really boring texter. I mean, he does keep the conversation going, but he's just not funny or interesting at all on his texts. I want to see him again because the date was awesome, but I don't want to be the one asking him on dates every time and it also bothers me a little that he's such a boring texter... what should I do?


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  • Ask him out one more time, then let him ask you out the next couple-3 times


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  • Well, if he is that interested maybe he should call you more instead of texting you. You'll have a chance to see if he has any kind of fun qualities. Some people are boring texters and when it comes to talking, they are great. Try to talk more and text less to see what he has to offer.

    • the thing is, we just met. We just had one date so we're at this awkward part where I guess I'm not sure how much he likes me and vice versa. I mean, he's interested because he texts but at the same time I don't know if we have the confidence to call each other on the phone. The problem is that he's asking me questions and I answer and then I ask him something and replies in one-two words then asks me something again. So it's like I'm telling him stuff but he's barely talking about himself, you know?

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