Taken 3 months?

guy for 3 months almost. We practically act like we're dating everyone thinks we are.
But we're not.
Its taken him forever.
he's told me he plans to he just doesn't know when's right.
But its been 3 months is this normal?
he said he wants to make sure they're the one so he waits to see if he thinks it'll work long term so it won't mess up
I know he's been hurt in the past a few months back and it's hard for him to get back into that again, but I'm jjst worried if I'm not E enough for him to feel like he can do that again and it sucks because I try talk about it but just I don't believe anything and it sjcks

its so frustrating I just don't feel good enough or if it's even going to be worth it
tou think it's worth waiting for or he doesn't like me?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Seriously you are 16... don't be so serious about a relationship. Just enjoy life and either go out with him or stop going out with him.

  • Why don't you make the first move if you like him?


What Girls Said 1

  • Excuse me for asking this, but are you guys having sex?
    Because if yes, then that's what he's probably after.


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