He says he wants to meet me but it never follows through?

So I've been talking to this guy for awhile and we've talked about meeting up and stuff and he said we should plan something so this week I decided I want to meet him in person, and I told him we should meet up this week and he says he wants to meet me but takes awhile to respond to my message and he seems to be making an excuse, I mean he might actually be doing what he says but I feel like he doesn't want to meet me?


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  • Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode... Elaine finally meets him... a 15 year old, who's mom comes home and catches them meeting at front door.

    Yeah, he got cold feet.
    Time to tell him put up or shut up nicely =
    1. when can you (the guy) meet me for sure, cast in concrete?
    2. be there on time, sit near front door and wear (xyz) so I will easily recognize you
    3. you arrive earlier and watch him come in and sit down, then decide if you'll leave incognito or move in on him

  • Or is it you always standing him up?

    • I told him I wanted to get to know him more before meeting and plus I need to do something before we meet up and then we were trying to figure out when to face time teach other and it wasn't really working so I said why don't we just meet up instead.

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  • ha sounds like he is a bit of a player and is enjoying your convo but wants nothing further... I have one of these on my whatsapp too :(


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