Did I do right?

This is a long one but i really need your advice.

So about a week or so ago , I was at my friend's house, we are a group of 4 , Me , my crush , a couple. That's my " squad" as the cool kids say it. So we were playing truth and dare and so long story short , I confessed to my crush. She had been through a very weird yet small relationship. At first she got really red then she said " This always happens that one of my friends confesses and then if i say no they go away , I don't want to loose you. " I expected something along the lines of that so i told her that" i just confessed my feelings to you, I don't wanna force you into saying anything , I don't expect an answer from you, just give me your answer when you feel like and I promise nothing will change , I will be there for you.".
Now, I don't know, i feel like i should have given her some kind of deadline , I feel like i will be left hanging. Do you think i should let her know that i want an answer or should i keep it as it is and wait for her to say Yes or no on her own?
She trusts me a lot , We can talk hours on phone and meet at any time possible in school.
She also said she isn't interested in relationships right now. And she doesn't want our friendship to get hurt because of this.


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  • She only sees you as a friend. I believe that was perfectly clear.


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  • If she loves you, why bother yourself about timeline.

    • I sometimes get impatient , I just wanna get a Yes or No from her.

    • Most time impatience can make you lose all, you better calm down and take things easy.

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