Met a nice guy, what to do now?

To make a long story short: I met a guy at a party last Friday. He is friends with some of my guyfriends, and they keep saying I should date him, some of them even think we are dating.

Me and this guy haven't talked since Friday, except for today when he texted me saying thanks for Friday Night, and i replied.
He hasn't opened the text yet, should I say something, it's been like 7 hours?
Two of my friends says he likes me, but I don't know.

What should I say and do?
I think I actually have a shot with this guy, and I don't want to lose the chance, or screwing it up.


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  • Well it's only been seven hours relax. No point in sending another text since he wouldn't see that either until he saw the first. If you guys seem like you're both interested and if he might be a little hesitant you could just ask him out on a date.

    • But he has been online since I sent it multiple times

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    • Hmm well if it says he hasn't opened it yet I'd just be patient. Even if he was ignoring you (I don't see a reason why he would) most would still at least open the message and read out of curiosity so it would be best to just assume he honestly hasn't seen it yet.

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  • You already did your part. Now the best thing to do is wait. If he is interested in you, he will respond. If he is not, he won't. And if he won't, it's his loss anyway.


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  • Be patient and wait for him to open the message. If you send another message it will make you come off needy.

    If he opens it and doesn't reply. Send him a message in a couple - 3 days and ask him on a date.

  • Do nothing. If he's interested he'll contact you

    • But according to my friends he really likes me, and he was afraid to text me...

      I just feel like guys shouldn't be the ones that always have to make the first move

    • You want a pussy too afraid to text? TEXT? Are you kidding me?

    • Listen to this man

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