I think my boyfriend is bored of me?

Its like the more I get close to him the more he moves away, Il admit I'm not very pleasing it bed cause I'm not a goddess in bed and lack of confidence you can say I'm an awkward girl and I assummed I was good in bed but I'm not, as for my boyfriend I think he lost attraction towards me, we dated for 4 years,... iv tried to make it work buy adding new things and ideas and putting in a lot of patients but it doesn't work... And as for looks go I'm not fat nor entirely ugly but I'm average for sure...
since my boyfriend refuses to come close with me what do you think I gonna happen? Iv been already heart broken buy his distance from me and became deperessed cause I crave sex from him 24/7...


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  • Talk to him about the issues you're having.

    • I have! Again, again and again... i used to feel pretty insecure but not anymore his distance made me give up a lot...

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    • I don't know what to tell you. You feel unsatisfied and he should care. Let him know this is a big deal to you and you need this to stay happy in the relationship.
      You guys might need to end things

    • Thank you for mho

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  • It happens to a lot of people after 4 years, its a long time.

    • I still love him and want him like crazy...

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    • Either way what should i do?

    • I don't think there is anything you can do, this is like the test a relationship has to pass if its gonna go anywhere. If the commitment isn't strong enough to get through the boredom its not worth it anyway.

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  • you are together for four years and you think that the only thing that matters in order to keep the relationship alive is how good you are in bed and how you look?

    • No, we are very close and talk about anything but in this area according in my post I having so much trouble he never opens up to me nor shares anything with me...

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