Why am I so nervous?

About 2 years ago I dated this guy. We hit it off with a bang, then things with south. We're good friends now, but one thing we both noticed was neither of us were nervous around each other. Fast forward, now there's this new guy. I met him in school a few years ago. Now he's trying to date me and its making me totally NERVOUS. It's like I never know what to say when he's talking to me... Smh... Why am I so nervous?


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  • You like him...😋


What Girls Said 1

  • Were you friends with the first guy before dating him? If yes, then that's probably the reason why you didn't feel nervous with him.
    As for the 2nd guy... you either feel nervous because he was a stranger before dating you or because you feel like you're out of his league. You somehow think he's better than you.

    • The first was a complete stranger to me. I known the 2nd guy for years.

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