Those of you who've dated someone with a kid, who didn't make much time for you, how long did it last?

I have a friend dating a guy who has a young son that lives with him and almost never makes time for her. they get together a couple times a month. personally, I wouldn't even consider it a real relationship. while I believe kids should always ALWAYS come first, if the single parent doesn't have a good enough support system to be able to give quality time to the person they're dating then they shouldn't be dating innthe first place. I think we make time in our lives for who and what we really care about. to me seeing someone so rarely is really just stringing that person along for occasional hookups and attention. has anyone else actually been in this situation and had it work out?

no one else has dated someone with a kid has anything to say?


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  • I dated a 26 year old guy who has a daughter with his ex. His daughter lived with her mom but boy oh boy, his ex was crazy. The daughter was a little brat.
    He didn't make much time for me and his daughter didn't like me.
    It lasted for 6 months. After the breakup, I thought to myself I'm never dating a man with baggage.


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  • Kids do complicate the schedule but I think if you really liked someone you would make more of an effort. It's not that bad to get a babysitter once a week and maybe you could do lunch dates during school or netflix and chill after the son has gone to sleep.

    • yea, they should try lunch dates. it does however seem like she's making an effort to get together but he won't though.