Guy is super sketchy, but I like him?

I send this guy nudes almost every day. He's super sweet sometimes telling me I'm the most beautiful person he's ever met; whereas, other times he tells me that he doesn't even like me, just my body.

He forced me to tell him I love him all of a sudden one day, and I just don't understand him. Help?


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  • Is he older? He sound creepy and I don't think you should send anymore nudes. He's just using you and doesn't care.. once you send the pictures you can't get them back and they can easily find their way on to the internet.

    • He's not much older, a couple months. Occasionally he will say sorry and say we should stop doing this, but the next day he'll ask for nudes again

    • Yeah I'm sorry but... he's just horny and doesn't really care about you. It's only LUST for him.

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  • He sounds like a creeper and defiantly should be avoided :S its your choice though but if he says he just likes your body then id cut him off straight away and never speak to him again he sounds like a douche

    • I like his body too though. It's not one sided. I just don't understand how bipolar his feelings towards me are. im really used to/prone to abusive relationships, and I don't know how to just leave. he makes me too horny.

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  • Sound like he has you wrapped around his finger.

    Maybe try some self respect or self worth

    • How do I get out of a position like this? He's in 2 of my courses this senester.

    • You're not gonna want to hear this but, you should stop contacting him (even in class). If he ask why your acting like this, be honest with him

  • what's the problem? you just listed stuff. you writing help doesn't explain what you want help with


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