So there's this girl we're both shy and I have no idea what to say?

She went to my high school. She was a grade below me. We have since both graduated. I think she likes me because I've seen her look at me in a good way a few times. I think I like her too, except I'm shy around people who like me and I have never really talked to a girl or even dated one. We've seen each other at Price Chopper where she works and where I go often to shop. I think she's a pot head based on her facebook posts. I'm not into smoking. But I still want to talk to her and to be boyfriend. She's accepted my friend request a while ago like 6 months ago. She recently posted at 4 am about how lonely she was. Advice on how to not mess this one up? I need this so badly. I'm lonely too. A girls perspective would be highly valued. She sometimes complains about how she gets sexually harassed at work and how boys have been jerks to her in public. I want to not appear like a douche bag, who's just hitting on her. She's seen me help my mom with groceries before, so thanks mom. If you need to see my picture to form an accurate opinion private message me and I'll send it to you,


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  • I think you should approach her and talk to her. It's that simple and that difficult at the same time. If you won't take a chance, somebody else might. Remember that.


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  • Maybe this: Figure out something she might be particularly good at. Then ask if she would help you using that particular skill of hers. It could be something like painting an old piece of furniture, buying a gift for your mom, maybe repotting a plant or preparing a dish.

    You will learn a lot about each other in the process.


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