Why are guys so picky when it comes to dating a girl and when it comes to a girl wearing makeup?

I posted a makeup free selfie and all at once, a couple guys were calling me gross and ugly, and that I don't even look average. There were some compliments, but it still upset me that the arschloch guys were being dickheads. I guess I have to have good setting spray and just contour my face from now on to have a boyfriend in the future.


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  • Children are superficial. Pay those kids no attention.

    • It's because I'm not white or Hispanic or a mixed girl. I'm Asian and German, but the cursed Asian genes are dominant. No one likes Asian girls and I've been going to the gym, cutting back on my portions and taking vitamins and drinking strictly water to lose weight and cut down my face fat. I guess I have to starve myself to be considered attractive because looks are everything. No one goes for the personality first. Those who say they look at the heart first then looks are lying. They do the opposite. Yes, they are superficial, but a female's ego is fragile and it's making me feel hopeless and sad that I'm considered unattractive.

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    • You get that mental stuff down. Its extremely important.
      Just make sure you do your homework girl. And check in with me after a week or so just so I don't worry about you.

      One last thing, as you know I'm not much for lookers, but if it matters to you at all I'd gladly dress you in gown and heals to parade you around town on my arm. It'd be an easy way to show you the envious men.

    • You made me smile. I have trained my mind for anything else but confidence and my well being. I wish you weren't twice my age, but I couldn't stop your birth lol it just makes me wonder why guys don't go after me, not be a slut, but I am academically and logistically intelligent, a great chef, well mannered, kind, curious and open minded. I have set high goals for myself and I proficient in many things. It makes me wonder if I have to dumb myself down, but then, I won't lower myself to their standards. It still makes me wonder though.

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  • No, what you need to do is realize that a certain percentage of people are complete fucking trolls and nothing you do will ever get a positive response from them. Their hobby is hurting people and getting off on their suffering.

    The only thing being physically attractive does is make it more likely that guys will approach you. You can ditch the make-up and superfluous efforts on your appearance simply by being the active agent in your search for a boyfriend. There are so few women willing to do this that you will have an ENORMOUS advantage.

    Let me tell you about a success story about this. There was a girl I worked with who had a great personality, a solid work ethic, and was kind-of ugly. She wasn't REALLY ugly, but she was fat, had funny proportions, didn't smell particularly good, and had a dark mustache. I liked her as a colleague, but wasn't interested in her as a girlfriend.

    Well she decided she was going to move north out of state to go back to her family and wanted to have some fun before she went. She campaigned me HARD. Every minute she could she was right in front of me talking to me about... ANYTHING. She was steering the conversation toward her coming over to my place. Well, I was lonely and sexless (doesn't make me 'not a good catch'), and she was persistent. She came over, we fucked, she moved north. If she had campaigned me for more, I probably would have went for it because she really was a good girl.

    What I'm driving at is the typical female model of doing fucking NOTHING to get a relationship besides worrying about what you look like will put you at a disadvantage.

    Think about it:
    There's a hot guy, checking out three women:
    A '6,' a '7,' and an '8.'

    A '4' gets up in his business, engages him in conversation, insinuates herself into his evening, makes it clear that he's getting laid tonight if he wants it.

    Who do you think he's going home with?

  • pfft... dont alter yourself for anyone. those guys with the negative comments are probably comparing you to the morons on tv or caked up girls with tons of make up that they hide behind, when in reality they are just ugly.
    leave the make up, girl... and let your natural beauty shine.

  • I don't really approve all this photoshopping and makeup usage. It's almost like people can't just show up makeup free in public anymore without being called ugly. Even I feel the same way if I forgot to apply my hairgel!
    Luckily, there still are loads of girls who look good makeup free.

  • Don't listen to those idiot guys who says they "hate" makeup. They simply can't identify and comprehend how makeup looks and what a good makeup job looks like!

  • Don't listen to them, you're very attractive without makeup

    • Thank you. I needed that reassurance. I am insecure, and I'm not going to lie about that one because people have talked down to me so many times that you believe it. That's why when a person compliments me, I have a hard time believing.

    • Anybody who talks like that to you don't know shit

    • Your words are aspiring to me and I need to get them through my skull.

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  • Because guys are idiots and they dont realize the difference of makeup and makeup free.

  • you are super pretty and you need to ignore all those bullies


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