Any advice for guys that are trying to date or have a relationship while struggling with PTSD?

I was diagnosed with PTSD over 3 years ago after service in Afghanistan. Adjusting was hard at first but has improved slightly with the regular therapy sessions. There is no cure for mental illnesses like this, it is a hard truth to face when you're young that you will have to live with for the rest of your life. Coming to terms with that truth is something not everyone can comprehend - even the opposite sex.

My indescretions make people (girls) avoid me. I am misunderstood. It's even hard to find common ground with the guys at work sometimes. I have attemted to date girls but have no success. I fear that my youth with pass soon without even cherishing it to its fullest. I fear that I will never have a wife, a family. I fear that I will die alone. I fear that I may even take my own life if "she" tears my spirit apart.

Does anyone else struggle with PTSD or any other mental disorder/illness?


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  • You need to not put so much pressure on yourself, it certainly won't help your situation. Secondly, I suggest that you continue with your therapy until you are at a point where you function more comfortably because your fears that you are having, in my opinion, are going to make it very difficult for you to form a healthy relationship.

    I don't have PTSD but I've struggled with anxiety, and it took me a long time to get to a comfortable place before I was able to let people in. Don't stress so much about "wasting your youth"; you fought for your country and made sacrifices, and while you may be suffering i am sure you did it to help make somebody else's life better. Besides, men age like fine wine.

    I say take it slow, work on you and getting healthy instead of trying to race into something you're not prepared for.


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  • I was never diogonsed with PTSD, but I experienced terrible trauma in my childhood and it still affects me to this day. Sometimes if I look at a certain object or person, I relapse back into a flashback. Being psychologically tortured, physically beaten and emotionally torn down would make someone's screws become loose. Because of my treatment, I've lost all empathy and became much more colder and devoid, and guys like girls who are lively, bubbly and just happy, and I struggle trying to be happy and even smiling warmly at someone is a battle. My advice for you is to keep up with your therapy and find a partner who is willing to stand with you through hell and back. Don't mention the PTSD on a first date because it does unsettle a lot of girls, but if you told a girl like me or a girl who had it rough, I would have not been scared or anything. Just keep on looking and the right girl will come to you. Patience is key and choose wisely.

  • I have PTSD due to past trauma in my youth. Luckily with lots of therapy and a very understanding and loving SO i am doing pretty well...


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