Why do I feel this way when it was before me?

So on Facebook there's a way to see what photos someone has ever liked. I looked at my boyfriends of almost a year and saw that he like a bunch of pictures of like "bum of the day" pictures. So basically pictures of girls butts. He never liked them when we were dating but it was about 2 years ago.. Why does this bug me so much? It was way before me... and pretty sure he was with his ex when he liked some of them... I guess some girls don't care and it's not a big deal to them.. but it would of bugged me if he did it while we were dating... any tips?


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  • Don't do deep snooping because then it will make you question things like this. True he didn't do it while dating you. But it can make you insecure if you keep thinking about it. Maybe before he was an ass man and liked buts. But don't let it bother you. It's just his past. Some girls have an issue with their boyfriends liking girls pictures.

    • Lmao I'm one of those people honestly. I asked him tho and he said he likes both ass and boobs so I don't know... it just bothers me

    • Lol try not to let it bother you or get to you. If he likes boobs and ass then maybe he changed his mind from just being an ass man from his past. I don't think he had no reason to lie to you even though those pictures from his past he liked says otherwise. If you keep digging like this it will only make you want to snoop and dig deeper. I say stop digging if you can because eventually it will make you confront him about something from his past.

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  • It's just a part of his past. He doesn't even do it right now.


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