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so I met this girl online about a month ago. We talked online and then eventually started texting. Well I took her to dinner. She texted me after saying thanks and she enjoyed it. She went out of town and. Then she's going out of town next week for a trip. Well she hasn't texted me back or anything. So I texted her and asked to go to dinner this week and she said she probably couldn't because she was busy getting ready for her trip. Should I keep trying to text her or weight for a few weeks to call? Or should I text her and asked if she's interested or not? Please help


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  • I wouldn't push it too much, you might drive her away. I'd say ask again in a few weeks or after her trip.


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  • Just wait two weeks and call and ask her on another date. Any other options you listed will make you look weak and needy.

    I think she is interested in you since she text you after the date and said thanks and she enjoyed it.

    • Thanks that's what got me is why al a sudden if she texted me that. You think I should just text her then end of this week saying good luck on her trip?

    • No. Wait till after the trip and text her something like this: Hope you had an awesome trip, we should meet for drinks (or dinner) and talk about it.

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  • She is not interested. If she were, she would have suggested an alternative time if she were genuinely busy.

    How long does it take to "get ready for a trip"? Thirty minutes, maybe an hour if she is ironing first.

    • She's going out of the country

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    • Ok. Thanks. I'll just leave it and see if she makes a move

    • Don't put too much effort into any one girl. If she is interested, fine, if she is bored and goes out anyway, fine, but there are always other girls out there.

  • You should text her and ask if she is interested or not. However I think she is just trying to put you away politely.


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