How do you know if you're falling in love?

Can you explain what does it feel like falling in love with someone?

Also... If the person doesn't tell you that they love you back... What should you do?


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  • You just know. I don't even wonder if I'm in love, or worry about if and when it'll happen since there's no doubt in my mind that it already has.

    I haven't told my boyfriend how I feel yet, even two years in. I feel as though just showing him through my actions is more than enough.
    Should I tell him and he not reciprocate? Well... that'd be a bit of a blow to the ego. It wouldn't really change anything, though. He's either just not there yet, or we're simply not on the same page in terms of how we view the other.
    In which case... better to know sooner than later, no?


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  • It's one of those things you just know that you know when you start feeling it


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  • I dunno! lol What is love?

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