Would an intelligent woman with a PhD go for this kind of guy?

This is an inversion of another question I came across recently. (https://www.girlsaskguys.com/dating/q1930682-would-a-female-with-a-phd-in-physics-chemistry-or-any-other-physical ). My answer was that I didn't mind dating a woman with a PhD, but I'd be very self-conscious about how she saw me. Because I'm a college dropout. So I figured I'd go ahead and ask the inverse of this question.

So would an intelligent woman with a PhD be adverse to dating a guy with a lesser degree, or no degree at all?

I'm not asking out of my own benefit or worry. I'm just curious as to what you all think, because this kind of thing is fun to think about.


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What Girls Said 2

  • i wouldn't date a guy with no degree.
    even if he just had a bachelor's id still date him though.

    the status of my studies isn't going to effect the way i look at someone with at least 1 degree. I'm not that uptight, but a minimum level of education is great since i find intelligence attractive.

    • I am only 19, but actually asked, and she said we just friends, but ill always hang around her house, and we will go do things together, other people think that we are dating. So she is just about a year into her PhD now, and I have only gone to college for 8 months, and worked in a factory as maintenance for 8 months, now I quit and I am doing contracting work.

      So I guess I don't have much schooling, but I am still mature and something I like about her is that we can have intelligent conversations. :D

    • So all of my friends are 20+ but most are above 24. Most people my age i'm just like... REALLY?

  • Depends on the woman. Just because they all have PhD's does not mean all those women will have the same taste in men.


What Guys Said 1

  • I'd imagine it would depend upon the individual. But I think that's its important not to judge someone's intelligence based off of a piece of paper.

    • Of course the first day me and another PhD met, there was some judgement just because of my age, but then we went to the bar later (everyone does after that event) but then one day we went for coffee (2nd time meeting her) and she invited me to her house for supper

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