My friends still hang out with my ex?

I have known a guy for over 20 years, mostly as friends and dated a few times off and on between other relationships. We hooked up as a rebound about 6 months ago but it didn't work out. I told him from the beginning this time around I didn't want anything serious, because I was getting over a divorce. I introduced him to all my friends while we were going out this last time and they loved him. Now he is still inviting them over for BBQs and they hang out with him all the time. The last time he and I spoke he insisted I would come back to him and he was waiting. I don't love him and I have no desire to date him again. He's turned out to be controlling and bossy. It makes me mad and I feel like he is using my friends to stay in my life. My friends like hanging out with him so I don't go with them when they do. Why is he doing this and what should I do?


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  • How is it now? Is he still controlling and bossy, even outside of the relationship? If not, perhaps he's got a crush on one of your friends? Or maybe he likes them? Certainly you need to be very firm that there's no way back. If he understand that, and still wants to see your friends, then discuss that with them if you're uncomfortable with it.


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