Do you think my guy friend is acting jealous of other guys?

Nearly any time I mention another guy, my friend always sort of jokingly acts jealous, and I can't tell if it's real or not. We flirt a lot and he has told me directly how he's attracted to me, but also how he isn't stable for a relationship now, yet also doesn't like hooking up for sex only... So nothing is really happening between us aside from talking every day and flirting sometimes. He knows I was interested in him in the past but I have since dated someone and just recently stopped seeing the guy. Now any time I talk to or hang with another guy my friend says stuff like "hope you're happy," brief answers like "k"/"whatever" or just a lot of sad faces. However based on the context of the convo sometimes, and the nature of our relationship/friendship, it's hard to tell if it's pretend jealousy (being playful), straight forward/ honest jealousy, or him trying to present his jealousy as a joke so as to not seem like he's weird or over stepping his boundaries as a friend by acting that way. Thoughts?
Today he was making similar comments that were clearly well beyond what a friendship's boundaries are (they were things he had no place getting jealous/upset about unless he was actually my bf/said he wants to be with me). I decided to ask if he was serious and he said he was "ded" serious, which to me would mean not at all, since "ded" is like a joke. I said it seems like he's never serious and he sent an annoyed face. I asked again to clarify and he said "hmm not sure" and he changed the topic


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  • i have a feeling the jealousy is real, and he is trying to hide it so he doesn't overstep the friendship boundaries. in this instance i truly feel the nice guy is going to get over looked because he has respect and wants a relationship not just sex

    • regarding your update: you mistook what he said. "dead" means very serious.
      he took the chance and put his heart out to you now i feel he feels rejected. thats why he looks annoyed and changed the subject

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  • Seems like he likes you but doesn't want to take the plunge. for more explanation...
    read @joeb73 's comment.

  • He's jealous I'm 98% of it.


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