Girls, Have you lost Sexual attraction for a random guy within minutes of conversation?

Have you met a random guy you had a very high sexual attraction / you were interested in having sex with him.

But few minutes after the conversation you were NOT sexually interested anymore/ NOT interested in sex , because he appeared clingy?

Choose an option from the poll.
  • I NEVER lost sexual attraction/ interested in having sex , just because a random guy appeared clingy.
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  • I NEVER have sexual attraction for a random guy I met.
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  • I LOSE sexual attraction/ interest to have sex, if the guy appears clingy to me.
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  • Even if I have high sexual attraction for a random guy, I WON'T be interested to have sex because he is a random guy.
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  • When I meet ANY random guy I have high sexual attraction / interest in having sex, I friend-zone him.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm generally just not sexually attracted to anyone most of the time. It takes meeting them and getting to know them before I'm able to look at them that way. So I can't lose what was never there in the first place.

    • Thanks :)) Did you select an option from the poll?

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    • I don't think I would.

    • o. k. Why would you seem interested in a random guy after having conversation and give your number. But after he starts texting , you never reply back?

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What Girls Said 3

  • I can notice a guy is hot, but it takes more than just hotness to get me to want to have sex with him. All else being equal, it will make me want to have sex with him *faster* than a guy I don't find hot, & make it take longer for me to come to the conclusion "nah, this guy ain't right for me;" however, in general, I don't want to fuck a hot guy until I get to know him better.

    • Thanks :))

      If you met a group of random guys (5 guys) for the first time. You initiate conversation with 4 of the random guy first but avoid talking /making eye-contact with the one random guy in the group?

      Would you do that because you are scared of that one random-guy?

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    • Yes I have

    • How many minutes did it take you to figure out that he was desperate from the first conversation?

  • Yes! Basically with every guy I meet and have sexual attraction to, after a conversation, I realize that I don't have the attraction anymore.

    • Thanks :)) Did you select an option from the poll?

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    • It depends. Shy is cute sometimes, and awkward can also be cute. But if he stutters and it's too awkward, then I would lose interest.

    • Also I wanted to ask you if a guy you were sexually interested in was self-conscious, would you not be interested in him anymore?

  • It doesn't work that way for me, but I know that it has happened to some of my girl friends.

    • Thanks :)) How does it work for you?

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    • cool:)) Thanks.

    • You're welcome!

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