A dating site for whites only?

A dating site has been created that is specifically for white people. What are your opinions on it? I think it's called wherewhitepeoplemeet. com

TV I don't mind it, everyone has theit "prefernces" there's one for every other race so why not?
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  • Yeah I've heard of it. And of course some people (you know who you are) begin again to complain about racism. Because when white people want to have interests specific to them as a race, it's called racism, fascism, supremacism to those professional anti racists.
    Anti racist is a codeword for anti white.

    • I feel like I touched a topic that is personal to you. by the way anti racist isn't code for anti white it's code for anti racist unless you're implying all white people are racist?

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    • Mate, this is my question 👋👋

    • I'm a star wars fan. I was quoting Stormtrooper Gary.

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  • That's racist dude.

  • it is stupid, but so is all other online

  • I don't think it will actually serve a purpose or that that type of marketing will prove effective but why not. There's sites for bisexuals, gay people, fetishists, bald men, redheads, Asians, blacks, tall people, rich people, poor people.
    What's so wrong with white people?

  • I think it's stupid but it's fine. No worse or better them dumb sites like black people meet or beautiful people only.

  • I don't really care. I mean, I'm sure there are websites for black people or Asian people to date each other. It's their preference, so it doesn't bother me.

  • What people are still into such dating sites these days?

    I don't see why not as end of the day its just another business.

  • Best idea ever if you're into just one race as some people aren't open to dating a certain race that think their better.

  • I voted D.

    I wouldn't use it because i'm open to meeting anyone (or would be if single).

    I think it's pointless because so many existing dating sites are primarily white. It's not that hard for people to just avoid the few they're not interested in. Things like blackpeoplemeet exist because they're a small minority on most dating sites, so if they only want to date other black people, a regular dating site is a hassle.

    But I think @Dandeus might be right. So maybe that's a plus.


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