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really long story in a nutshell, last Christmas me and this girl from work really clicked, but i friendzoned her then she friendzoned me when i wanted a rs, then we got into a big fight, we hated eachother, she would try to get under my skin, i called her names and made her cry, she blocked me, told me to never contact her in anyway ever again, and we were not allowed to work together anymore. this was all like two months ago. i see her know and then, and she seems to be fine. a few weeks ago it seemed like she was flirting with me, but it might have been in my head. she'll say hi when i see her, and was being nice to me, like one day she'll seem fine then the next nothing. i texted her for something the other day but i was still blocked though. i seen her today, and talked to her a little but it was awkward and very casual.

now, i'm thinking about writing her a letter telling her i'm sorry and i miss having her in my life that we should get coffe sometime and talk - and just see what happens.

i don't want to piss her off more though if she still hates me or is really done.. i don't really think she likes me in that way anymore. maybe. but she doesn't always act like it.


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  • Don't write her a letter under no circumstances. That's sort of... creepy.


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