What women do u think are best suited for submissive feminine men 2 date/marry? Femdoms, Bisexuals, Masculine or all of the above🤔?

I'm a Submissive Feminine male and please answer the question cuz I have had no success with most girls and I love to worship women so Please no rude comments about my gender just... choose one or all!!! And you are welcome to add if I should stay away from submissive females!!!

Are Powerful strong successful women my best choice or what?


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  • Whoever you click with. Cause a girl may be more submissive but some girls vibe off men. So she may end up being more dominant cause your not and you can be dominant and still worship the poonay-nay.

    • Yeah but I want to know they would be so I can narrow down my search!!

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  • Whoever they fall for.


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