I got fired? for what?

I worked at a catering hospital company and after the second day they let me go because i wasn't ''fast'' enough... first of all... i was fast enough no customer complaint and i would rather take my time a bit more to do everything RIGHT then to go that fast, i counted money right. I had a feeling it was for a different reason like maybe i didn't fit the team because if they didn't like they way i handle it, why not talk to me first instead of calling the agency and letting her fire me?


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  • They REALLY didn't feel you did a good job or had a poor attitude if they called the agency without talking to you, that's lame.


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  • That's awful !
    Through every door that shuts another one opens.
    You will find work soon.

    I wouldn't want to be a part of a company that fired people for petty reasons.
    Although you may not see it, good came from this.
    Maybe you will find something better.


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  • I thought you least get a 90 day probation period, you may have a wrongful termination case. Well it depends if you live in an 'at will state' where it doesn't matter. I think they should amend that to be honest it's a stupid law

    • That doesn't apply when she's employed through a placement agency.

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  • You will probably never know. When organizations use agencies to fill positions, you're notified of your dismissal by the agency as they are the one that technically employs you.