Who is making a bigger deal out of this?

Im seeing a guy im friends with on Facebook. One day after a disagreemet I foolishly unfriended him. Immediately realizing how stupid it was I apologized, gave logical explanation it was done in heat of moment promising to never do it again. He accepts my friend request this time and all is well... until another hiccup to which he's unfriended me! I laugh it off as his tit-for-tat way of getting back at me, which ok I get it. And so send him ANOTHER friend request. After few days he accepts only for me to notice. Altho got online few hours later only to notice him MIA again! Im thinking WTF? As we hadn't so much as anything negative occur between us. Weird thing about this time is I no longer had option of requesting him nor like/ comment anything he posts. Yet didn't say anything about it until we went out again and so playfully asked, "hey, why unfriend me again?" He said its not him but Facebook who's put restrictions on me (which is BS)! And despite how he knows it hurts my feelings he STILL won't accept me as a friend! So who's making the bigger deal? And what should i do? Thank you.

  • IM making too big a deal about him NOT wanting me as a friend on Facebook (while he still wants to date me)?
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  • HE'S making too big a deal about why he won't just accept me as a friend on Facebook (while we ARE dating)?
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  • I came here to say that you were making too big a deal out of something that is trivial and likely means nothing at all and you were just reading into things. However, after reading your story, his behavior seems childish and, tbh, very strange.

    • Thank you very much for recognizing that with me as its what's been confusing me the most. Understanding that I too have put way more energy into this guy than he even deserves.

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  • You sound fucking crazy

  • I'm not going to lie, you seem too old for this shit.