Stuck between two girls, I don't know what to do?

There are 2 girls. My crush and a girl I just started talking to. I don't know if my crush feels the same way about me as I do of her. My crush has dated some bad guys so I think she's trying not to get hurt again which is understandable. Or wants to take it slow. I just wish I knew how my crush felt. She likely doesn't like me. I'm negative when it comes to dating and girls liking me. I don't know what to do. Keep talking to both girls or stop talking to one of them. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I don't want to lead any of them on.


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  • My advice would be to try to know if your crush feels the same way. I have always been in these situations, and I sometimes regret not trying harder to get my crush. I mean, if a guy is more interested in me--or acts more interested than my crush--of course I'd give him a chance, but my crush is still my crush you know? I can't ignore that (I'm speaking hypothetically) because I know I regret it every single time. Do whatever your heart tells you to do.


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  • I think you got to ask your crush if she likes you or not. It sounds like you like her and it's the only way to know.

    Otherwise, I don't see anything ethically wrong with talking to two girls at the same time. If you decide you like your crush, talk to her about it.

    But really, most importantly, it seems like you may need to like yourself more. How can you expect your crush to like you if you don't love yourself?


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