I feel like my girlfriend is asking to much from me... yes/no? What should I do?

My girlfriend is younger than me, I'm self employed, she's in varsity , recently she went through a medical procedure, that implicated both of us I settled it alone , cause I knew she has no money.

She then had some complications asked me to help her with her rent I paid it , and she couldn't pay me back I understood , said its okay told her not to worry , now she expects me to buy her sanitary goods, i feel like she's asking too much?

I spend for everything like is this being reasonable...
What should I do?

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  • You should tell her that you love to take care of her, however you have to also live within your means and some of her things are too expensive for you. So either she finds a way to make extra money on the side or deal without. Things like tampons though, she needs them. It's not a want it's a need.. they're pretty cheap however I don't understand why she has ZERO money.


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  • Why don't you have her move in? Would save money. I think it isn't too much to take care of the women you love when she's knocked down like that. If she wanted an expensive gift on top of all that then I'd say she was using you.

    • Thing is Id have to marry her to have her live with me , and I'm not exactly stable at the moment.

    • Have to get married to live with?

    • It's African Black Culture , have to even pay her family for her lolz, its called Lobola so marriage.

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  • Sounds like a gold digger its starts off small with little things like
    help paying for rent etc, Then it turns into 5 star restaurants, cars expensive
    hand bags etc.

    • Really its sad, cause she first spoke about doing her hair, I said its all good assuming she has the funds.
      After that she tells me that she's sanitary pads are out and finished.

      To make her realize what she's asking me , I ask her her the brand tell her I'll buy them.
      Without any shame she responds , and says Thank You Baby like wtf...

      And she know I live like the other side of town.

    • Does she come from a high class family?