Is my boyfriend only using me for sex?

I wanted to break up with my brother yesterday, because I really do not think he cares for me as he protests.
we have been dating for a month, we only went on one date, which was at the cinema. Thereafter, it was take outs at his place and then we started having sex. Since we initiated having sex, he takes me no where, i have never met any of his friends than his roommate, and after sex he will grab things to eat and not offer me. Yesterday before we had sex I asked him to get me some food an Hour before I went over, as I came straight from class. To my surprise I got left overs, that had a horrible presentation. I refused to eat it, and he offered me hot pockets then we had sex three times. I confronted him about his behavior and waddu know he said all the right things to bring me be to believing he is this great person and well, thus, I did not break up with him as planned. He says his schedule in meical school is hectic, and he tries his best. He says after he gets into a residency program we will have to do a long distance relationship. I told him I was not happy, and he says he will try harder. I guess I am tryna see the good outta him but my gut keeps telling me no, he will move on after he is done with medical school, and goes on to residency. Do you think I should speak to him again or just leave, only thing I am benefiting from now Is really great sex.
I meant boyfriend, sorry
Also no I had sex on the fourth date


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  • I don't think he is intentionally using you for sex, but he is taking you for granted... he doesn't know how good he has it. Take Janet Jackson's advice, 'you don't know what you got til it's gone.' Abstain from sex with him and see how keen he is to see you then. You're suspecting it anyway, so you have nothing to lose...


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  • Sounds like you just need to ask him to put down his phone and chat and tell him were in this togther you know and if there's something you need to talk to me about then lets talk about it. Rather than avoid each other.

  • I really hope it was word prediction which made you write brother and not boyfriend

  • "I wanted to break up with my brother "

    Boy, talking about keeping it in the family ;) I know it's a massive typo :)

    But, you fucked him on your second date? Yepp, sounds like you're his dumping station


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