How to get over the feeling that your crush hates you?

I have a crush on this girl I have been talking to for 3 months, lately she makes excuses for not talking, I feel like she hates me.
We talk on chat groups but not one on one anymore. Its okay if she doesn't feel the same way but why does she have to hate me? :(


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  • Stop talking to her. She is clearly not interested in you.


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  • It is very possible that she liked you a lot before but you were not taking the hints/signs. This led to her going into something called "autorejection". Autorejection is a point where a girl gets frustrated with you because she feels you are not interested in her (when you just didn't realize she was into you) and she feels she has wasted her time. Moreover 3 months is a LONG time to talk to a girl and pretty much lands you in the friend zone. You should be talking about meeting up in 3-4 days for goodness sakes :)

    • I didn't really like her before, she was just meh, but she is the only thing on my mind nowadays :(
      Is this auto rejection shit legit? What do I do now?

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    • Thank you so much , I understand what you are saying, well I wasn't interested in her earlier as more than a friend, well guess karma is real.

      I'll break off all contact with her. And try to keep myself engaged, probably try to get a hookup as well, its gonna be hard but I hope I can go back to having 0 feelings for her.
      Well, thank you very much once more.

    • A lot of guys don't get it. My hope is that you now get it. Yes, talk to many girls at once. This is your secret weapon. Cheers -

  • I've had a lot of crushes over the years that hated me , I don't think its something you can really do anything about or worth worrying about. if someone doesn't like you that isn't something to worry about

    • It bothers me though

    • yeah but you can't control what others thing of you , you can try and make them feel a certain way but after a certain point is only so much you can do

    • You are right ,
      But I can't not think about her anymore. I hate this, I really really hate this, and it makes me wanna hate her but I can't ;-;

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