How come everytime I'm in a relationship I suddenly get uninterested?

So I like guys but then the moment I get in a relationship with them I become suddenly uninterested. I don't know why I will genuinely like these guys but then the moment I have them it's like I suddenly am not interested anymore in can't remember really the whole reason why I wanted to be with them. It's like I can't get emotionally attracted to someone :(


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  • cause you have what you want now so its no fun anymore
    women are like children when it comes to men stupid

    • I don't mean to lead them on. It's not a game to me. I will have feelings for them but then I'm in a relationship and I just don't like them anymore :( and it breaks my heart

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    • It's just dumb maybe it's cuz I'm not a whore like everyone else xD

    • that's good for later in life trust me

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  • You're very indecisive.


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  • Because you are quite young and immature..

    What you are doing over here is mistaking infatuation for love :-)

    • Well I'm not a very lovey, touchy person for one thing and maybe that's a factor why I'm not good at relationships. Everyone is OK with kissing and holding hands and everytime I think about that it terrifies me because I'm scared people will see me with a guy and make fun of me

    • Hmm you got issues... And maybe with time they will go out you may have to work on them

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  • I do not think it has to do with your age, I'm in 20s and I have experienced that at 20 and 21

    • I think it's possibly me being terrified of what people will think. Like I'll think their cute and awesome and everything but the moment I'm official I'm terrified people are laughing or making fun of me about who I'm with or think he's ugly. This is because I know I haven't dated the cutest guys because I'm all for personality over looks.

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