He puts me on limited profile after being caught, guess he wants to cut ties?

We were dating exclusively for 6 months, then when he broke up with me he admit we were in relationship he just didn't want to call it that.

Then he would keep doing me favors like picking me up from airtport and takes me out on date. We are practically dating except we don't have title and that we are not having sex

Later on he suggested I can date other guys as he now realize he doens't want relationship if other girls come along he will tell them he is only up for a few dates. he even said if he is ready he will be committed to me.

His behavior got colder, he is not even trying to have sex anymore. He still do me favors when asked he said he is NOT looking or seeing anyone.

Then he got caught adding my friend. My friend told me he's been on other dating site. When confronted he said to him he is not lying he planed on telling me when he actually wants to date someone. He said sorry and he realize he is hurting me with his indecisiveness


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  • No he doesn't want to cut ties, a true player will like to keep everyone he can to add on to his rotation. He is putting you on limited profile just so he has more control of how he is going to play the field.

    He is playing the nice guy to make sure you are on good term so he can come and go as he pleases.


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  • Why haven't you already cut ties?


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