Those women you see with (b) millionaires that are old enough to be their fathers really sour the image of women, no?

I know 1 woman doesn't speak for all, but that's where these guys get some of their ideas about women from, and there is a small truth to stereotypes. And in real life, a lot of women do go for the guy with more material things, I don't just millions or billions of dollars.
*I don't just mean millions or billions of dollars.


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  • apparently sugar daddy dating is becoming more common , I saw an article and it said like 100 girls at a couple universities had signed up to join some sugar daddy site and date older men for money. it sounds really dumb and does give dating a bad rep , cause really if its just about money why would a younger guy who doesn't have any bother trying? with some of these girls


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  • I don't care about them to be honest. They can do whatever the fuck they want. It's not like those millionaires are better than them who attempt to "buy" people with their money.


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  • I think that shit is trashy when the guy is 60 and the girl is like 20.

  • Like one answerer I also saw the report about girls wanting sugardaddies; that along with youtube videos of golddiggers does nothing to increase my respect of the supposedly "fairer" sex


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