An upperclassmen boy likes me? what do I do?

I'm a sophomore and he's a junior. He's on the volleyball team which is really cool too. We've never have a conversation together but he seems really nice. I'd talk to him but I have really bad anxiety (especially with a boy that likes me and just boys in general) and im guessing he's shy too since he won't make a move either. He's really cute too but I don't know what his intentions are. I have almost zero experience with boys but i've always heard that upperclassmen only want "one" thing and it's just really overwhelming. what should I do?


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  • That's kinda true some boys want relationships so um just get his Instagram or kik or snapchat etc then text him and play it cool and then if u know where his locker is just slide something or put in there and when u see him in the hallway be like "oh um am sorry I keep bad accidentally put something in ur locker it was supposed to be for someone else's locker" I don't know I mean just something to get to talk to him I mean that's what I did with my crush and it kinda worked

  • Just let time work it's magic. I'd say maybe start to get to know him, but don't force anything.


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