Does this guy suffer with Erectile dysfunction?

I've been trying to rack my Brain to figure out what I did wrong with the guy. He was 52, 11 years older than me, was really keen to begin with, invited me round for dinner etc. We only slept together one time and it was that great. He would get up really early and leave me to have a lie in which made me question if he just didn't fancy me or wax avoiding intimacy. I liked him and asked him what he was looking for and his reply was a cuddle monkey, yet he acted really up for it to begin with. He has vanished on me again. Should I just let him go?


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  • That's a big leap. When you had sex was he suffering from any erection issues.
    It's more likely he had something else going on. The way you describe it , I have to wonder if he was already in a relationship.

    • This did cross my mind as he seemed hesitant. The last I saw him was New year eve and we went out together. I spent the night, cuddled up etc but no sex. It felt real the connection. He never asked about my past or discussed any of his.
      He invited me to his home so I never suspected a girlfriend or wife but who knows.
      Online dating sucks

    • Iam sorry you must feel a little let down. It's why I don't like or trust on line dating. People make things up live an altered ego.

    • I may be wrong but according to my calculations the last time you saw this guy was two months ago. Why are you still thinking about him? Why are you still worried about his penis? What is going on in your head? Move on! Too many fish in the sea. No man is worth living in your head

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  • Maybe he just didn't want to have sex. It happens sometimes. People are not always driven by their hormones :p.


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  • this dosen't mean that he's suffering from erectile dysfunction. its maybe because he's not looking for some serious relationship with anyone or it could be possible that he needs some sapce.

  • I do not know.


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