Do you think he's cheating?

So the past month or so, things have been going so well with him. Lovely texts, great when we see each other.

Today he messaged me goodmorning. Gorgeous! Have a great day- I replied - he read my text - nothing.

i sent him a goodnight text - nothing.

he hasn't been on Facebook in 8 hours either. Hasn't even read my text. This happened Sunday too. I asked him what he got up too and his answer was "nothing, washed my car and that's it". He is usually the guy that will go on Facebook before bed, read my text and not reply until he finishes work.

a couple of weeks ago he befriended this girl on Facebook, who I was in his fb messages when he had it opened and then I saw he got a text from her, so there's been a number exchange. He doesn't have many (if any girl friends only guy friends).

im just confused because everything has been so great lately, he's taken me to the fancy cinema, sent me sweet texts DAILY and bought candles to make our next session more special...

he he is also studying for his exams but even when he studies he usually reads my texts. It's just odd for him not to either be on Facebook or at least read my message...
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He replied this morning saying - "good morning beautiful'
I really don't understand how he could be seeing someone else... But the thought is there


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  • you are just paranoid. its all good.

    • You really think so?

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    • of course its gonna sting... thats why you should "flow"... keep your mind (and heart if you have it) open to whatever. that is how trust happens.

    • I have a heart haha? Thank you you've really helped. :)) I can't help but feel anxious but thankyou

Most Helpful Girl

  • Relax, you're most likely overreacting. He gets busy one day and doesn't answer, it doesn't mean he's cheating.

    • But it's SO unlike his behaviour...

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    • Happened twice within a week... I don't get how he can treat me so well at the same time

    • Well you also said exams are coming up. Studying for exams is more important than sending messages.

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  • there might be another option is he forgot to log out of facebook at it shows him still logged in.

    • No he's not online. If he was online then I would know he's not with someone

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    • i'm not trying to make excuses for him but sometimes people get so tired and burnt out that they just want to go to sleep.

    • I get that... I think I am paranoid I'm just insecure. Anyway the girl he would be cheating on me with isn't as attractive as me, but she may be more confident I guess

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