Girls, was it me or her?

I asked a girl out who I had known for a long time. I always wondered if she liked me, I even asked on here and the general feel was the only way to know was to ask her. So after two years of knowing her, I asked her out. I just asked whether she would like to go out for lunch sometime. Her response was 'thankyou' repeatedly. And that was it, not a yes or a no? Anyway so I decided to leave it at that. For the rest of the day she seemed fine with me, nothing much different in the way she interacted with me, but then we didn't see eachither for two days and the next time I see her she is totally different. She has been very b****y with me, ignoring me, moody with me, basically have a bad attitude towards me. Short answers and being cold towards me. This has been going on for weeks, and yet every now and again she pops into being her 'normal' self... I have remained the same, but I have kept my distance when she has shown the attitude. This is no coincedence, she is fine with others. Anyway, I have noticed since this from the corner of my eye, her glancing and staring at me when she thinks I can't see her, and I sometimes just randomly ask how is she and she replies in tone like a little kid. Bizzare. She will then go back to being horrible. Girls, did I do something wrong? I purely asked her out for lunch that was all, I haven't mentioned it again is it me or her?


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  • I think the "thank you" was actually "yes" and now she might be upset you never brought it up again

    • But her attitude made me feel like she really disliked me so I never brought it up again

  • I dont think youve done anything wrong
    Sounds like she's having issues i wouldn't want deal w if i were u


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