How should I go about asking her out?

So there's this girl that i have a crush on, and after talking for a long time I finally decided to ask her if she wanted to go skiing with me. She said yes and seemed excited, but then after i realized that i may have asked the question in a way that made it hard to say no.. What I said was "Now that youve got new skis we should go skiing together" and then she replied "Yes!! But Im really bad, and Im afraid to ski the steep slopes that you do" so was this a way of her saying that she's not very interested, but she didn't have an opportunity to say no?

Anyways how should I go about making the next move? I was thinking maybe asking her what day fits her schedule the best, but I dont want to seem too pushy incase she doesn't actually want to go. So what is the best thing to ask her?


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  • Actually, based on her reaction she sounds interested in skiing with you.
    Ask her what day fits her the best and proceed from there.
    Good luck.


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  • Go skiing, the hardest part about asking a girl out is asking her. If she didn't like you she wouldn't have said yes and would likely be disappointed/frustrated if you 'chickened out'. Start picking out dates and see what works.

    As for the I'm not very good. She just doesn't want to do anything overly steep and fast. Keep an eye on her and if she gets uncomfortable find a different hill. Make sure she has a good time and don't ditch her at any point and time and you've got nothing to worry about.


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