Does cockblocking annoy you?

Say you get to know a girl then you become real close to the point of having sex. Then her friend talks to her and I guess puts things in her head like he's not a good guy etc. then that causes her not to wanna have sex, it's a mess. Is jealousy the issue or what? Its happened twice now, wish people mind their own business


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  • I guess it annoys everyone.
    I wouldn't say jealousy is always the issue. Maybe she is being protective of her friend.


Most Helpful Guy

  • no. i like being denied getting pussy because her friend is a dick


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  • Most of the time it's jealousy.

    • I know I mean so what if I wanna get my rocks off deep in the pocketšŸŽ±

    • Lol that's hilarious

    • I actually thought of that spur of the moment

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