Can I ghost this guy for a little bit, or is it a bad idea?

I have a friends with benefits relationship with my best friend, and it's supposed to be exclusive. We can't date right now (long story). Anyways, I was being a bit rude to him last night because I was in a bad mood, and he went and asked some other girl for pictures because he was angry/upset that I was mad at him. I caught him and called him out on it (he denied it at first but I told him that he needed to tell me the truth). He told me he felt awful, that he's an ass, and that he doesn't love her, but that he loves me. He got very apologetic and told me I deserved better and that he didn't mean to hurt me. I'm pretty upset with him, and I kind of want to fade away for a few days to show him that what he did isn't okay, and that I won't stand for being treated like that (bad treatment=no more benefits). Would that be rude? I won't ignore him completely, but I don't want to make myself as available for him as I normally do. Is that a petty thing to do? I don't want to make anything worse.


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  • You have two options

    Option 1) Ghost him but just for a couple - 3 days. At some point he should ask if you're ok or is everything alright. Then let him know that he hurt you.

    Option 2) Give him the best sex you have ever gave him. Afterwards tell him you ever pull that BS again you won't ever have sex with me again.


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